December 2009

jsonpickle 0.3.1 Released

jsonpickle, the powerful library for serializing complex object graphs in Python to JSON, had a major milestone this week with the official release of 0.3.1, available on PyPi with documentation and full release notes at We have migrated from the Google Code site to the new Github site at

This release represents nearly a year of development from multiple contributors. Some of the major highlights of the release include supporting a wider variety of objects, supporting the pickle protocol's set and get state methods, and allowing the use and addition of any Python JSON backend (e.g. demjson, simplejson, django.util.simplejson, etc.). Please be aware that backwards compatibility for the 0.2.0 format JSON is not guaranteed.

In the past year jsonpickle has done well, with nearly 2500 downloads of the 0.2.0 release from Google Code, not including the bundled distribution of jsonpickle in tools such as FireLogger and git-cola. jsonpickle is currently available in the Gentoo repository and working its way through the Fedora and Debian repository processes.

I thank our contributors, including David Aguilar, Dan Buch, and Ian Schenck for their massive improvements to jsonpickle. I also thank everyone who has submitted bug reports and shared thoughts on our mailing list. Finally, I thank the distribution managers who have worked to package jsonpickle for their various distributions.

Please try the new version, submit bug reports, and even fork the project on Github.