I have been working on an open source project, jsonpickle. The goal of the project is to be able to serialize a Python object into standard JSON notation. Python can "pickle" objects into a special binary format, but sometimes it is nice to get a human-readable format. Especially with projects like CouchDB that have use a JSON-based API. jsonpickle is on its seconds release and can now officially handle Mark Pilgrim's Universal Feed Parser. Feel free to join in by finding bugs and working on the code! It is pretty easy to use:

>>> import feedparser, jsonpickle
>>> doc = feedparser.parse("http://feedparser.org/docs/examples/atom10.xml")
>>> pickled = jsonpickle.dumps(doc)
>>> unpickled = jsonpickle.loads(pickled)
>>> doc['feed']['title'] == unpickled['feed']['title']