Code Statistics

I like looking at numbers. So when I saw an interesting gif on a friend's webpage saying that a certain piece of software had so many thousands of lines of code and cost so much money, I was naturally intrigued. After clicking on the link, I was directed to This site analyzes public version control repositories and provides some interesting statistics about the project--including the lines of code and estimated cost to develop the software from scratch. I decided to try for myself and registered RadLex. I would have registered my VCSFrenzy branch, but currently only Subversion, CVS, and GIT are supported. After a little digging, it seems like ohloh uses David Wheeler's SLOCCount program. With an easy

sudo apt-get install sloccount

I was using SLOCCount to find out more stats about various other programs I was working on. I was happy to see that my afternoon of hacking on some Festival Python bindings is estimated to have cost $3,480. Now if only SLOCCount deposited that money in my bank account.... I was wondering what your favorite tracking/code stat programs are--let me know? I've been using, but are there any other must have code stat programs?