MediaWiki Markup for WordPress

Just found a nice tool for using MediaWiki's markup inside of Wordpress at Zech's Blog. The WYSIWYG editor is Wordpress is nice, but staying at the keyboard with the wiki markup is nice (without the clutter of XHTML). I have started to become a fan of the MediaWiki markup, because it leaves the text of document less cluttered than XHTML. I have recently been working quite a bit on wiki's (RadLex and several Trac installations). I originally coded the RadLex wiki text in XHTML, before I learned about MediaWiki's markup. But picking up the wiki markup was quick and I found reformatting the RadLex page in wiki markup to be much quicker than my first attempt with XHTML (which I have years of experience with).

Update: The plugin does not play well with WP-FLV.